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Bone Whispering with Vascular Bone Therapy(VBT)is a method developed by Brian Dobbs to help those who have given up hope of a pain free life.  It starts from this idea: bones get out of joint because they spasm.  They spasm not only at the level of connective tissue in those bones, but also spasm into the vasculature (and organs) to absorb the force of trauma. When this spasm is released through non- forceful means, the body will heal.     

Essential questions and answers about Bone Whispering and Vascular Bone therapy

Q. Why should I be interested? 

A. Vascular bone therapy (VBT) fills a need in bodywork by helping those who are caught in the no man’s land between power and force: those patients with injuries too deep to be helped by subtle means such as cranial sacral and visceral manipulation but too shattered to heal with hard force therapies such as high velocity chiropractic.

Q.How does it work? 

A. VBT works with the bones in a unique fashion.  It makes common sense that all injuries are related to bones.  Without bones we would be like jellyfish.  So what happens when trauma strikes the body?  VBT believes the fascial tissue and muscles pull the vasculature and organs close to the bones to protect them.  VBT uses the energy of Active Air and the  Fulford percussor,  a vibrating massage tool,  to work right on the bones, usually where the ligaments and tendons of the muscles insert. It takes the spasms out of this insertion by reaching through the bones with gentle power and convincing deeper structures of the veins and arteries it is safe to let go. It is very much like a deep bone massage. 

Q. But will I feel better?  

A. Most pain in the body is connected to injuries the body’s defense system receives while it tries to insure our survival.  The bones receive the brunt of this injury. In deep trauma, the bones are connected to the structures they are protecting.  When this relationship is relaxed, the bones are free to fall back into their proper positions and the resulting loss of torque takes pressure off the nerves. 

Q. How does it differ from chiropractic? 

A. Chiropractic can be very effective in taking the pressure off joints by adjustment.  VBT believes these jammed places are caused by spasms in the collagen tissue of the bones themselves and its relationship to the surrounding arteries and veins. In a way, VBT unbends the bones without hard force adjustments. Usually, once the bone spasm is taken out, the bones return to their proper position by easy stretching. If not, a gentle chiropractic adjustment can help realign the bones.


Q. Does it hurt? 

A. Considering how deep VBT works, the process is remarkably painless.  The changes are not made by force, but rather through vibration and energy.

Q. Is it safe? 

A. Over the last three years, VBT has treated patients in over  2,500 sessions without injury.   

Q. Who does it help? 

A. VBT is dramatically helpful for almost all structural problems. Lighter injuries will often clear in one or two sessions.  But this therapy grew to help those for whom nothing else works, those who have given up, the “no hopers”. In bodywork as a whole, a 50% success rate is considered excellent. A review of patients in the last 3 months of Brian’s VBT practice shows a 80% success rate. A success means the client can now function normally - drive a car, exercise, sleep, and sit comfortably or is improving 15 % with each session.  These are not simple clients, many have experienced head on car accidents, fractures in their arms, legs and back, hard falls, and sports injuries. Many have been plagued by these difficulties for decades. Most have tried many other options for healing and have become resigned to accept a life of pain.  

Q. How much does it cost and how long is a session?

A.  Each appointment is $100 and lasts for one hour. 

Who to call?  Brian Dobbs  206-781-5923